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Balinese Wedding Ceremony .

The main part of this wedding ceremony is held in the groom's house, to welcome the bride to become a part of the groom's family.
There are several parts in this Ceremony, which is called Sudi Widani.
Because the bride has a different religion and becomes Hindhu this is the ceremony for the bride and is witnessed by the Local Leader in the village, a Holy man and by family of the bride and family of the groom.

After the bride has been through this Ceremony than there is the next Ceremony, which is the Mekala-Kalaan,
which is the bride's and groom's top ceremony.

In this Ceremony they both have to do a few steps and will be guided by the priest and witnessed by the family and which is followed by praying in the temple in the house.
This is Final step of the Wedding Ceremony for Hindhus in Bali.

After these Ceremonies their is a Receiption in the groome's house for family and relatives and some close friends who witnessed the marriage.
more on this wedding http://ingetjetadros.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/Bali-wedding/C0000F879DNGjG1AKlungKung, Bali 2012
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