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Pig is ready for the Ceremony.
Wulla Podu, known also as Bulan Pemali in Indonesian is a cultural ritual which is very mysterious, unique and hence very interesting. Wulla Podu ritual held strictly and sacredly only in November each year, lasting 30 days from the first day of the new moon to the last day of the lunar month.
I attended the Wulla Podu ritual held at Kampung Tarung, in the center of Waikabubak town. This village is divided in two sections, the lower part is named Weetabara and the upper part is named Tarung.

In the first two weeks the main events are receptions held for wild pigs that hunters have killed and brought in to Tarung village as sacred offerings. People go out every day hunting in the forests. By late afternoon the people are listening for the sounds of the hunters singing and yelling in the distance - then they know that the hunters are on their way in with a pig. The hunters and the pig are received with much celebration and fine speeches in traditional poetic language.

The second important ceremony is "Deke Kawukku" (Fixing The Day) for the major ceremony to be held at the end of the sacred month. The date is not fixed until the full moon has appeared in the sky. Then there is a meeting of the leading priests to decide on the date. They still need supernatural forces to confirm their decision so they send off a posse of priests on horseback to the sacred grove of Ubu Pede to get approval. For Deke Kawukku the men and the horses are all dressed up in special colorful clothes and set off on their mission.
Traditionally no-one was allowed to follow them or even to look at them, but these days the rule is that everyone must stand back 10 metres and watch from a distance. Celebrations in the village continue right through the night many special dances and songs that have to be sung. This is followed by a 4 day rest before they dance again.

Weetabara | Tarung Village | Sumba, Indonesia, 2011
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more info at http://ingetjetadros.photoshelter.com/gallery/Wulla-Podu-The-Sacred-Month/G0000QR_ngPAnQrg/C0000LCZhkAMvsPw

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