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A Tuareg with his blue shesh near Timbuctu, Mali.

TIMBUKTU, MALI - SEPTEMBER 2002: A Tuareg with his blue shesh near Timbuctu, Mali. The Tuareg are a Berber ethnic group or nation. Tuareg is a name that was applied to them by early explorers and historians, but they call themselves variously Kel Tamasheq, "Speakers of Tamasheq" and Imouhar, "the Free people". The Tuareg today are found mostly in West Africa, but, like many in Northern Africa, were once nomads throughout the Sahara. Descendants of ancient Saharan peoples described by Herodotus, who mentions the ancient Libyan people, the Garamantes. Archaeological testimony is the ruins of Germa. Later, they expanded southward, into the Sahel. For over two millennia, the Tuareg operated the trans-Saharan caravan trade connecting the great cities on the southern edge of the Sahara via five desert trade routes to the northern coast of Africa. (Photo by Axel Fassio / Aurora Photos)

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